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Digital photography may be the modern way to source your publication images these days but what about all your archives of photographs and transparencies from pre-digital days?

You just can’t beat a professionally scanned image and we are very proud to still offer top quality high resolution pre-press scanning on our Heidelberg scanner. Modern day scanners just can’t compete with it's true optical resolution of 11,000 dpi, 48 bit colour depth and 4.2 density. We can scan to a maximum image size of 305mm x 460mm.

We will achieve the highest possible quality from all your prints, slides, negatives and even superb results re-screening printed material.

All originals are lovingly prepared and adjusted individually before being scanned to perfection by operators that understand the art of high quality scanning. Once scanned, images are inspected and can be retouched, enhanced or manipulated to whatever is required.

All too often these days colour and consistency is neglected, resulting in poor printed results and uneveness across a publication. We put that quality back where it should be.

We offer a full retouching and enhancement service for all images supplied to us. Why suffer from inconsistent image quality when we can colour convert and adjust them to perfection?

People expect perfect results from the touch of a button, but you won't believe the extra quality that's possible using our vast experience and use of quality scanning equipment.


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